Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel?
Do you only build projects that Vice Versa designs?
What is your availability?
Do you work on additions year round?
How do your building contracts work?
What type of work do you do?
Where do you work?
Do you offer design services?
Do you have a project size limit?

  • How much does it cost to remodel?

A:  Our costs for additions generally range from $100 a square foot to $300.  Some folks only compare square foot costs from one builder to the next.  This can be a misleading reference point in terms of a quality end product and remodeling experience. It is important to recognize remodeling as different from production homebuilding. Remodeling can involve significant costs toward demolition or modification of existing just to allow the new space to be built and seamlessly integrated. This should be factored into the budget. Site access and protection of existing finishes are also major variables that can affect total cost and livability for any given project.

  • Do you only build projects that Vice Versa designs?

A:  No. We are happy to review any existing plans you already may have and give you a proposal for completing that construction.

  • What is your availability?

A:  As indicted above, we offer design services separate from our building services. We are generally available to start a design contract within two weeks. Our lead time for starting any given construction project is determined by our currently scheduled contract workload.  This can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks to 6-9 months. We do not pre-empt currently scheduled building projects to begin new ones. Our schedule is determined upon signed construction contracts and are delivered on a first come, first serve basis regardless of size. We will be happy to discuss potential start dates for your project once we have reviewed logistical (i.e. design work, variance, and/or construction permit acquisition) components associated with your project.

  • Do you work on additions year round?

A:  Yes. We find the weather in Virginia to be generally cooperative for starting any kind of work during any time of the year.  Yes, it does get cold and snows occasionally; but we are prepared to accommodate those eventualities and maintain a safe, clean, and productive work site.

  • How do your building contracts work?

A:  We offer both lump sum and Cost Plus building contracts. Lump sum contracts are appropriate when the design parameters and scope of work is specifically and clearly laid out in advance of construction. Lump sum contract do not allow for plan or material changes without approved change orders.   If a project involves many unknown factors (i.e. hidden damage, unknown structural conditions and flaws, or undetermined materials or finishes, then a cost plus contract is generally the most appropriate contract to work under. It is also the most contractually transparent method of working... Cost Plus contract allows the client or owners to modify the scope and cost of a project during its entire term without any necessary change orders.  Also, in a Cost Plus contract agreement, copies of all time records, subcontractor, and material receipts must pass through to the customer therefore providing the most transparent cost arrangement. Please ask to review our Cost Plus labors, subcontractor & material mark up rates if you are interested in this type of building agreement.

  • What type of work do you do?

A:  We are a full service builder that specializing in residential remodeling. This means we work on any phase of construction associated with repairing, restoring or adding to existing residential homes.  We not only design , but build projects from “footing to finish”.

  • Where do you work?

A:  We are licensed to work in Virginia and normally work within a 30 mile radius of Fairfax, VA.  However, we have been known to engage in projects further away which may demand our expertise.

  • Do you offer design services?

A:  Yes. Our design fees range from 6-8% of estimated construction costs, depending on the level of project complexity.  Our minimum design fee for any permit ready set of building plans for an addition is generally $2500. Please ask to review a sample design contract if you are interested in design work and we will review design phase components and fee schedules for your project at no cost. Keep in mind that we offer our design services separate from our construction services. You can design with us and then choose another builder…or vice versa.

  • Do you have a project size limit?

A:  No.

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